As a venture investor, there are few things worse than an awkward intro call with a founder. I imagine this sentiment is shared by founders as well. In my experience, awkward calls happen when an investor’s line of questioning misses the point (i.e., they don’t ‘get it’) or when founders are unwilling to share information an investor needs to prioritize time and decide on next steps. …

It is impossible to ignore the seismic shift that Amazon has caused in the landscape of CPG. As arguably the lowest barrier way to get product in front of (and in the hands of) large quantities of consumers, it is no surprise that brands have a proclivity for selling on Amazon right from their onset. The data collection, product iteration, visibility, and sales generated from Amazon can be instrumental in a brand’s journey to scale. However, for brands with strategic acquisition as an ultimate goal, Amazon must be treated carefully.

Compared to revenue from traditional retail, Amazon revenue is less…

Trevor Rechnitz

Consumer Investor @ CircleUp

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